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Upholstery Cleaning

& Area Rug Cleaning

Furniture that gets used on a regular basis such as couches, love seats, dining room seats, fabric chairs, and recliners can get dirty fast. Unfortunately these pieces of upholstery are really good at collecting dirt and grime, and stains are sometimes inevitable, especially if you have kids or pets. Although upholstery can get dirty fast, it can also get clean fast thanks to All-City Carpet Cleaning. After years of experience we have developed our professional upholstery cleaning process which eliminates dust, pollen, germs, food crumbs, and stains from your furniture, making it look and smell like new again!

Give Your Furniture & Rugs New Life!

A deeper, healthier, faster drying clean will get you back to enjoying your renewed, refreshed furniture in practically no time. Our highly-trained technicians specialize in renewing upholstery to its cleanest and brightest condition. We know that you need your furniture, which is why we aim to take away as little time as possible from your busy schedule. Our all-natural cleaning solutions are specially formulated to work best with less water, meaning less time you have to wait for your furniture to finally dry.

Benefits Of Our Services

  • Safe and non-toxic for homes with children and pets

  • Removes stains and odors

  • Extend the life of your furniture and protect against future stains

  • Won’t harm fragile natural-fiber or synthetic fabrics

  • We deep-clean all residential and commercial furniture and chairs (indoor or outdoor), auto and boat interiors, office partitions and dividers, and/or any type of upholstered item

  • Save money - Our cleaning solution leaves no sticky or dirt-attracting residue, so fabric stays cleaner for longer

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